Wise Women Workouts is a holistic training program using weights, exercise and stretching to encourage and support women to take responsibility for their health and well-being. When we get to 50 years and over we tend to do less exercise, and yet this is exactly the years where we should be exercising more. 

Sheila Storey, the leader, is specially trained to work with wise women over 50, understanding their particular needs to ensure health and well being.
In 2016, Sheila began a new group – Magnificent Old Blokes, meeting on Saturday morning at 8.45am
Sheila Storey, 9841 0096, 0425 723 231
Tuesday night  5.00 pm to 7.45 pm, 2 sessions
Friday morning 8 am to 10.45, 2 sessions
Saturday morning 7.30 am, 1 session
Saturday morning, 8.45am, Magnificent Old Blokes, 1 session