Growing Together with God – Committed to His Kingdom Reign Now


To grow together with God so we are empowered and committed to help realise His kingdom’s reign now. To us, this means being there for all people, no matter what background, ethnicity, gender or social status, helping them in times of need, believing in miracles and sharing the love of Jesus.


Is for all people to know Jesus and grow together in love. As a truly multicultural church, we represent kingdom values by embracing all people through the unity of Christ. We desire is to become increasingly integrated into community life in the area around Balwyn/Surrey Hills.

Through the resurrected work of Jesus Christ and the sending of the person of the Holy Spirit, we expect the full anointing of gifts, presence and power to enable us to carry out the Great Commission and see God at work in the world through His people.


  • There is one God: God the Father, Jesus the Son and the person of Holy Spirit. Our highest desire is to worship the Godhead.
  • Jesus Christ is the source and empowerment of our lives, and through His atoning death and His bodily resurrection, we can be reconciled with God, gaining new life and hope.  In His ascension to the right hand of the Father, He continues to intercede for us and to be our constant companion throughout life. We believe that life eternal starts now!
  • In the person and work of the Holy Spirit with His gifts available to the Church in order to empower, impassion and commit us to help fulfil His mission here on earth. We believe that He is often more concerned about shaping us and developing the fruits of the Spirit so we can stand and serve others and the world.
  • That the King’s reign involves partnering with God to help restore justice, mercy and healing to our world.
  • That the Bible is the living word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by human hands – which gives us His testimony of His love and faithfulness through the ages as well as present and future promises to empower us to live eternally by.
  • That the Church is the body of Christ, and each member contributes in welcome and serving with their gifts, fulfilling the Great Commission and the King’s reign here on earth.
  • We see prayer as the most essential aspect of our earthly lives, providing the opportunity of entering into the presence of God for the purpose of praise and our mutual delight. We believe that prayer actually enables heaven’s reign to impact our earth and to transform brokenness through the enabling of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s intercessions.