Weekly News 16 April 2021

Sunday 18 April: 10am SERVICE:  At the church, or Click https://zoom.us/j/5172232020

Preacher Jun Tan   Romans 5:1-2  “ARE YOU SAVED?”

In Christ we have been saved from the Penalty of sin, are being saved from the Power of sin, and will be saved from the Presence of sin by God’s power and work.

Community Lunch will be held after the service. This is an opportunity for everyone to bring food to share. There will be no Table Talk on this occasion, so it will be a good opportunity to catch up with each other.

THIS WEEK: Conversational English and Bible Studies have resumed for term 2. Remember, if you would like to join, we would have to have you!

18 April, 6pm: Deacons Meeting. We will welcome Chelsey Chung to talk about the program for children on Sundays. Last week when Joseph Kim was invited to speak to us, it was really good to have a large number of the children and youth of our Church present.  Please pray that the leaders of the children’s and youth programs and the Deacons can come up with a plan that enables the growth – both spiritually and numerically – of our youth and children’s ministry.

Another Youth Service is planned for 16 May. Make sure you are there!

May 6-7, 9-4.30 pm: Kate Pocklington will be using our church for an event, “Peacemaking in Multi-cultural teams”. Conflict is everywhere, and when it is ignored or mishandled, a sense of hopelessness can creep in, stealing unity and witness. Pioneers has invited people in the Church to attend, at a cost of $40. Please let krpock@gmail.com know by 30 April if you can attend.

Care groups:   https://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


On 16 April, the Muslim world will enter their thirty days of fasting from dawn till dusk each day, Ramadan. And this is a time for us who know Jesus to pray for our Muslim neighbours. We admire the dedication of Muslim people for the effort they put into trying to draw near to God.

In praying for them, we give thanks that Jesus did all that was necessary in order for us to be free from sin, as Jun will be pointing out in his message this week. And we can pray for our neighbours – whether in Melbourne or overseas – that they can discover this wonderful truth for themselves and be free from the obligation of doing anything else.

We support Pete and Nomes, who work with a very large group of Muslim people in Central Asia. Kate Pocklington also has a role with training people who work with Muslim people overseas. Gayle Hill, working in Carlton, has regular contact with some Muslim people.

Not only that, but various other people in the congregation have regular contact with Muslim neighbours, and this is an opportunity to learn a little more about that they believe, and to sensitively introduce Jesus.  My (Grace Munro) neighbours are Muslims from Bangladesh, and I have already had an invitation to share a meal with them and to learn more about their beliefs.