• 早上10点网上崇拜点击链接https://us02web.zoom.us/j/480278172
  • 讲道谭军       使徒行传 2:37-47  神的医治是一个集体项目  – 神在基督里,在教会里召唤我们、连结我们、并更新我们


  • 8月10日 周一: Marj Higgins的葬礼将于早上十点在教会举行。葬礼的录像网上链接是https://www.studio45.live/fs-mjh/。 这个链接现在已可使用。这个链接将提供一个悼词榜给家人和朋友写悼词及对家人的安慰。大家可以在葬礼之前或之后在上面留言。大家可以在之后的三十天使用这个链接观看录像。
  • 查经学习和关怀小组活动将照常在线上进行。如果你想参加请联系Grace,电子邮箱 gracemunro8@gmail.com, 手机 0425 707 386.

怀小组: http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/



  1. 在周间为讲员及他/她带来的信息祷告
  2. 为你自己能听见神对你所说的并做出恰当的回应祷告
  3. 听道时打开你的圣经并翻到相关的章节
  4. 听道时思索主题,看法,要点。当讲道是一个系列,象目前谭牧师所讲的这个主题,查阅先前的讲义会帮助理解前后关联性.
  5. 笔记会帮助你听道。笔记可以帮助你在周间复习思索所听到的。
  6. 圣灵带领你领会圣经的内容,而不是用自己的看法曲解经文。
  7. 意识地聆听是关键。迪特里希潘霍华告诉我们要避免那种“似听非听用半边耳朵,自认为已经知道对方要说什么”。
  8. 提出有洞察力的问题帮助你听道-如果你找不到答案可以在崇拜结束后向讲员询问。.
  9. 和朋友或一个小团体讨论讲道的内容也会有所帮助



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Weekly News 7 August 2020

Sunday 9 August:

Preacher: Jun Tan        Acts 2:37-47. “Healing is a community project”

God engages, connects with and transforms His people in Christ, in the church.

During the week:

  • Monday:  The funeral service for Marj Higginswill be held at the church on Monday, 10 August, at 10.00 am.  The video-link for the service is  https://www.studio45.live/fs-mjh/ .  This link is available now.  The link also provides a tribute wall where family/friends can write personal tribute of expressions of sympathy to the family.  This can be done before or after the service.  The video will be available for viewing for 30 days after the service.
  • Normal activities: The usual Bible Studies and Care Groups will continue to meet online. If you would like to join a group, contact gracemunro8@gmail.com, 0425 707 386.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

Listening to sermons:

Sermons may not be the best avenue for communication: usually a monologue, with little interaction with the listeners (especially now when we are operating online). Here are some helpful clues about how to make the most of hearing a sermon:

  1. Pray for the preacherduring the week, and for the message he/she will bring.
  2. Pray for yourselfthat you will hear what God is saying, and respond appropriately.
  3. Have your Bible openas you listen, and look up any verses to which the preacher refers.
  4. Look for the key themes, ideas, points as the preacher presents the word. When there is a seriesof messages, such as the present one which Pastor Jun is preaching, it is worth looking at the previous Handouts to follow the series more closely.
  5. Taking notescan be helpful in enhancing your listening. It is helpful also for looking back during the week to reinforce what has been said.
  6. Allow the Holy Spiritto apply the Biblical text to you, rather than reading our own ideas into the text.
  7. Intentional listeningis essential.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer told us to avoid “a kind of listening with half an ear that presumes already to know what the other person has to say.”
  8. Asking perceptive questionsas you listen enhances your listening – and you can always follow up with the preacher after the event if you cannot work out the answer.
  9. Talking about the sermon with friends or in your small group is also helpful.

Our Pastor: Jun Tan, jun.tan.balwynbaptist@gmail.com, 0413 015 709, working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Sunday.



  • 早上10点网上崇拜点击链接https://us02web.zoom.us/j/480278172
  • 讲道Gayle Hill       诗篇 情感医治  – 我们需要了解神怎样看待我们,并且活在那样的光明里


  • 查经学习和关怀小组活动将照常在线上进行。如果你想参加请联系Grace,电子邮箱gracemunro8@gmail.com, 手机 0425 707 386.

怀小组: http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/











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Weekly News 31 July 2020

Sunday 2 August:

  • 10am ONLINE SERVICE:Click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/480278172
  • Preacher: Gayle Hill.        Psalm 139. “Emotional Healing” – We need to gain an understanding of how God views us, and to live in the light of that.

During the week:

  • Normal activities: The usual Bible Studies and Care Groups will continue to meet online. If you would like to join a group, contact gracemunro8@gmail.com, 0425 707 386.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

Prayer and Praise:  

Aged Care

The situation being experienced by some of our own church members highlights the difficulties which are currently being faced in our Aged Care Homes throughout Victoria. Thankfully, the particular homes in which these people live have had little direct impact from Covid-19, but are impacted by the restrictions. And there is always a risk of infection entering a home.

For those residents who are living in Aged Care Homes, the limits on usual activities means that it is harder for them to maintain their physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  We give thanks for those who have faith in God, and ask that their faith will be strengthened through the current circumstances.

We give thanks also for all staff working in Aged Care Homes, and ask that you continue to pray for them as they do all they can to support the residents and their relatives and protect themselves.

The relatives and friends of people living in Aged Care homes find it particularly difficult, being unable to visit as would normally have been the case. If and when the residents die, whether from Covid-19 or for other reasons, they then face the prospect of a funeral where very few can attend, and all of the normal interaction between grieving relatives is restricted.

In addition to those who live in Aged Care homes, many members of our congregation have elderly parents living with them, and they too are at significant risk of contracting Covid-19, so please pray for them.

Our Pastor: Jun Tan, jun.tan.balwynbaptist@gmail.com, 0413 015 709, working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Sunday.



  • 早上十点网上崇拜:点击链接https://us02web.zoom.us/j/480278172      
  • 讲道: Janet Washington.  马可福音 5:21-36.        “凭信心与神连接”  – 我们要凭着信心祈求神的医治,洁净,应许的实现和彼此鼓励。


  • 查经学习和关怀小组活动将照常在线上进行。如果你想参加请联系Grace,电子邮箱gracemunro8@gmail.com, 手机 0425 707 386.



2020财务年度已经结束,感恩我们全年收入比支出多出$43,406。这主要得益于我们收到一笔$30,000 的特别奉献,以及一位姐妹为教会的无偿服务使我们在费用上节省了 $787。此外我们还收到税务局发放的 $8,595针对冠状病毒影响的补助。


因为更换了儿童活动室的地板,教会的维修费用比预算高出 $13,583 。但是我们在设备购买的预算方面节约了 $7,710 以及住宅维修账户节约了 $2,455。因此在维修和设备采购方面总共比预算多支出$3,415 。

五月我们为我们所支持的 Global Interaction的宣教士募集了 $1715。





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Weekly News 24 July 2020

Sunday 26 July:

Preacher: Janet Washington  Mark 5:21-36        “Reaching out in Faith”

We need to reach out in faith to God for healing, for cleansing, claim his promises and encourage each other.

During the week:            

Prayer and Praise: Please pray about the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic globally, and also that the Victorian leadership and people will be able to control the number of infections.  In particular, pray for the Aged Care homes where there are infections among very vulnerable people

Finances and maintenance

Having reached the end of the Financial Year, we are thankful that income outstripped expenditure by $43,406. A special gift of $30,000 from one member was extremely helpful, and a practical gift from another member saved us $787. We also received a payment of $8,595 from the tax office.

Wages for the year were higher than anticipated in the budget as we increased Jun Tan’s payment from 4 days to 5 days a week. General repairs/ Maintenance was $13,583 above budget expectations as we replaced the floor of the children’s room. However we saved $7,710 under Equipment purchase and $2,455 under Manse Maintenance. The net impact of these three accounts was $3,415 over budget.  $1715 was forwarded to Global Interaction for our May Appeal.

Further maintenance and equipment purchase expenses are continuing during July. New stoves  have been purchased at a cost of $5,487.  Repairs to the roof and downpipes are also being undertaken by Reza Esrafilian Soltani, and we thank him for that. If anyone would like to make a donation towards these expenses, that would be welcome.

Thank you to all who have continued to contribute by giving online during these times.

Our Pastor: Jun Tan, jun.tan.balwynbaptist@gmail.com0413 015 709, working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Sunday.



  • 早上10点网上崇拜: 点击此链接  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/480278172           
  • 讲道: Kate Pocklington
  • 罗马书 15:13成为充满盼望的人” – 让我们一起来探索在这动荡不安的时期如何成为充满盼望的人。


  • 计划改变: 执事会认为让谭牧师在出门和旅行都被禁止的这段时间休假对他没有益处。执事会和谭牧师及胥平师母讨论后,决定谭牧师只休假一周。谭牧师将于7月18日结束休假开始工作。他将在旅行禁止令取消时再使用他余下的三周假期。

关怀小组:          http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


Kate Pocklington Gayle Hill

我们很荣幸能尽到微薄的力量帮助Kate Pocklington在Pioneers的事工,培训在太平洋地区各地的教会领袖;以及 Gayle Hill, 牧养在Carlton社区的信徒们。  Gayle 还在维州浸信会担任天主教事工的主管。

受到病毒流行和旅行访客限制令的影响,这段时间Gayle和Kate正常的工作日程都有很大改变。  Gayle通常在周日拜访教会和即将成立的教会,周间在维州浸信会工作或拜访住在高楼里的居民。 Kate 的工作需要她花大部分时间在州际或国际旅行,拜访教会领袖及组织培训活动。

她们俩现在都已经在家工作了几个月。 (我们很高兴可以在教会经常见到她们。)




电子邮箱:  jun.tan.balwynbaptist@gmail.com

手机: 0413 015 709,

工作日: 周二,周三,周四,周五晚上和周日

Weekly News 17 July 2020

Sunday 19 July:

  • 10am ONLINE SERVICE: Click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/480278172
  • Preacher: Kate Pocklington
  • Romans 15:13. “Being hope-filled people” – Let’s unfold together what it means to be people filled with hope during uncertain times.

During the week:            

  • A change of plans: The deacons felt it was not helpful for Pastor Jun to be on leave when he is unable to travel. They consulted with him and Xu Ping. He has taken a week off, but will now return to work. He will take the remainder of his holidays when travel is again possible.

Care groups:      http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


Kate Pocklington and Gayle Hill

We are grateful that we have a small part to play in helping Kate Pocklington in her work with Pioneers, training local leaders in the Pacific area, and Gayle Hill, nurturing a small faith community in Carlton.  Gayle also works with the Baptist Union of Victoria as Head of the Mission Catalyst Team.

Both Gayle and Kate have faced major adjustments to their work routines recently.  Gayle would normally visit churches and church-planting initiatives on Sundays, and during the week be at BUV or visiting people in the high-rise flats. Kate would normally be spending much of her time traveling interstate and overseas, meeting with church leaders and engaging in training activities.

Both have now been working from home for several months. (One of the rare advantages of the Covid-19 pandemic is that we are seeing more of them at Balwyn Baptist than is usually possible.)

Modern technology enables them to keep in touch with many people, which is excellent.  However, there is no substitute for face-to-face contact. We encourage you to be in prayer for both of them.

Pray also for the people whom they are serving. Church leaders in the Pacific region are doing their best to nurture faith communities during difficult times. Residents of the high-rise communities in Carlton who attend the faith community there face increased risk, with one of the buildings where they live having positive Covid-19 infections reported during this week.

Our Pastor – Jun Tan

Email: jun.tan.balwynbaptist@gmail.com

Mobile: 0413 015 709

Working Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Sunday.



讲道: Geoff Ryall牧师 –  哥林多后书 5:16-21 “神改变我们的眼光”

和解带来关系的修复 – 与神和与其他人


  • 谭牧师已经开始休假。请大家给他和胥平师母有机会从教会繁忙的工作中暂时脱身得到良好的休息。

关怀小组:           http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


  1. 祷告: 对于墨尔本新增病例剧增和新一轮的出行限制我们都感到很失望。请为生活受到很大影响的弟兄姐妹们祷告:
  • 那些失去工作,或失业很久,或工作机会受限的。
  • 那些已有其他疾病或年老,免疫力差容易被感染的。 (那些有病和其他处于容易被感染的年龄阶段。 很多家庭有长者与他们同住。)
  • 那些住在养老院,他们的家庭和照顾他们的员工。 (有报道Templestowe 养老院的员工被感染了,所以里面的居民们被隔离了。)
  • 那些需要应对孩子们上网课的家庭,以及需要调整教学方法适应上网课的老师们。
  • 学校假期里无法见到朋友及和朋友们一起玩的孩子们。
  • 那些对隔离生活感到特别焦虑和难以应对的。
  • 流行病对国家社会经济的影响。
  • 挣扎求存的小生意们。


2. 联系人:谭牧师休假期间,有需要请联系教会的长老。

Weekly News 10 July 2020

Sunday 12 July:

Preacher: Ps Geoff Ryall.  2 Corinthians 5:16-21.   “God changes our eyesight”

Reconciliation brings healing of relationships – with God and with others

During the week:            

  • Pastor Jun is now on leave. Please give him and Xuping the opportunity to have a break from their work at the church.

Care groups:       http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


  1. Prayer: We are all disappointed that there has been a spike in Covid-19 infections in Melbourne and a re-introduction of restrictions.

Please be in prayer for those who are most affected by this:

  • Those who have lost work, or have been without work for a longer period, or have limited work opportunities.
  • Those who are particularly vulnerable to the disease due to illness or age. (Those sick and in the vulnerable age group. Many other families have elderly relatives living with them.)
  • Those in aged care facilities, their families, and the staff who care for them. ( It has been reported that a staff member at Templestowe has been diagnosed with Covid-19 so patients are in quarantine).
  • Families who are again facing the prospect of home schooling, and teachers adjusting their teaching skills for online learning.
  • Children who cannot spend time with their friends, even during school holidays.
  • People who find the isolation particularly stressful and emotionally difficult.
  • The financial impact of the pandemic on the whole community.
  • Small businesses which will struggle to survive following this period.

We pray also for the many countries around the world who continue to experience significant levels of infection. In many developing countries, medical services are very limited, and people often live in very cramped conditions where they must share basic facilities. Consider people living in major cities of India, Bangladesh, Africa, South America and similar areas.

2. Who to contact: During Jun’s absence, please contact the deacons if you have any questions.