Weekly News 2 April 2021

Sunday 4 April:

10am SERVICE: At the church, or Click https://zoom.us/j/5172232020  

NOTE: Daylight Savings ends, so make sure you adjust your clocks.

Preacher Jun Tan   Acts 2:41-42        “BIBLE, BAPTISM AND BREAD”  

Three things were essential in the life and growth of the early flourishing church that was born out of the experience of Easter: Bible, Baptism and Bread. We are called to build and develop this New Covenant culture.

THIS WEEK: Bible Studies and Conversational English are having a break for school holidays.


11th April: Pastor Joseph Kim, the Associate Pastor (Youth) at Oakleigh Baptist Community, is coming to speak at our Youth Sunday .

18th April: Community Lunch. As long as Covid remains controlled in Melbourne, we hope to have a more normal Community Lunch, with everyone bringing food. It is also planned not to have Table Talk on this occasion. Sounds like a celebration!

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


As a society, we have been through the Covid crisis, and that has affected our church. The whole process takes 24 – 60 months to complete. The phases of the crisis are:

Sudden impact: A little over a year ago, we heard for the first time of Covid-19, and it did not take long for the impacts to be felt. In addition, some communities had also experienced fires.

Heroic phase: We saw people responding to the crisis, phoning each other, and generally saying, “I’m OK.” 

Disillusionment phase: We get tired of the limitations of the crisis, and generally feel tired. This is the stage we are in at the moment. You’ve reached the end of the disillusionment phase when you are able to acknowledge that no amount of heroics change the fact that this loss has occurred, while also goodness still exists in life.

Rebuilding and restoration phase: There efforts are different from heroics, because they exist beyond disillusionment, in full awareness of loss, which is why this phase includes times of grief, unexpected remembering, and times of memorial, alongside new initiatives and creations.

Wiser living phase: where people rethink their identity, pause, re-pivot. At this point God may be trying to teach us something different.