Weekly News 12 March 2021

Sunday 14 March:

10am SERVICE:  At the church, or Click https://zoom.us/j/5172232020  

Preacher Jun Tan  Mark 10:35-45 “BE THE ONE CLIMBING DOWNWARDS” 

Servanthood is divine, godly and eternal. It is one more step up toward Jesus and another step away from my false personhood.

EXPLORING BAPTISM: After the service another 3 weeks. If you would like to know more about what Baptism means, it is worth being part of this group. Let Jun Tan know of your interest.

THIS WEEK: Bible Studies and Conversational English continue.


21 March: Community Lunch and Table Talk (It is also the Church’s 104th anniversary)

28 March Church Meeting

2 April: Good Friday Service, 9.30 am

4 April: Easter service and baptisms (pray for those who will be baptised), Daylight Savings ends.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

WORKING TOGETHER WITH GOD: At the end of last week’s worship service, it was gratifying, when Zhao, Linda’s husband, expressed his faith in God. We honour his courage for proclaiming his new faith in front of the church. Many people had a role to play in coming to this point.

  • Linda’s growing faith in God has been a great example to him.
  • A group of women have met regularly to provide support and prayer for women and their husbands who have been unable to meet because of the pandemic.
  • Linda is also joins the Esther Group and Seekers, and those members also have prayed.
  • Jasmine and her family hosted a meal for Zhao and others, and spoke of faith issues. Jun’s sermon (unbeknown to him) gave a clear answer to the questions Zhao had raised. (As a result, Leon has now invited the men’s group to meet at his restaurant.)
  • While Zhao was in Australia and joined us, Chris Zhang spent time with him and some other men during the sermon time to speak about Jesus.
  • He saw the friendliness/happiness of the congregation.

Many people had a part to play in Zhao’s coming to faith, but ultimately it is God who saved him. Let us praise him, and pray for Zhao as he has returned to China this week.