Weekly News 5 March 2021

10am SERVICE:  At the church, or Click https://zoom.us/j/5172232020   

Preacher:   Rev Jun Tan Luke 17:11-19 “BE THE ONE PRAISING GOD”

All ten were healed, only one was saved. Let’s be the one who responds to God’s blessings by glorifying Him at Jesus’ feet from a thankful heart.

EXPLORING BAPTISM: After the service for 4 weeks. If you would like to know more about what Baptism means, it is worth being part of this group. Let Jun Tan know of your interest.

THIS WEEK: Bible Studies and Conversational English continue.


14 March: Church Meeting

21 March: Community Lunch and Table Talk (It is also the Church’s 104th anniversary)

2 April: Good Friday Service, 9.30 am

4 April: Easter service and baptisms (please pray for those who will be baptised), Daylight Savings ends.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

PUTTING THE OVEN AND STOVE TOPS INTO USE: Last weekend, we had the opportunity to try out our new oven and stove tops. We are grateful for the Building and Maintenance Committee who did the planning, especially Janet for organising the work, and Reza for fitting it for us. We are also very grateful that the costs were of the oven and stove tops were met by members of the congregation who gave special gifts for this.

Thanks are also due to all of the ladies who prepared the meal for us last week – yummy roast potatoes and mixed vegies cooked on site, Woolworth’s chicken, and a lot of fruit for sweets.

The Table Talk was a useful time about sharing our faith with people who don’t normally come to Church. Marlies started the conversation by saying she gave a Chinese neighbour a card for Christmas, but received no response. She asked, “How can I follow up with them?” Plan to be at the next Community Lunch and Table Talk!