Weekly News 27 November 2020

Sunday 29 November:

Preacher:   Rev  Gayle Hill        Genesis 16:1-16, 21:8-21   “HOPE”

Hagar had hope, even though the circumstances were against her, for God was looking after her. The same applies to us. Let us trust God, who gives us hope.

During the week:  All groups continue to meet online.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


Remember to pray for those who are unwell or going through medical procedures. May Lord’s healing power come upon them.

ANOTHER DONATION: We have received another anonymous donation for the purchase of the new stoves, so a big thank you to that person.  That means the cost of the stoves and the installation is now covered. We give thanks to God for his goodness through his generous people.

WE ARE BACK TO THE CHURCH ON SUNDAY (or online at the site mentioned above).  We need to:

  • Have usual precautions for Covid: Wear masks inside, keep social distancing, maintain good hygiene, and use hand sanitiser.
  • Know who was here: We will have a list, but the easiest way to save yourself some time is to bring a slip of paper with your name and phone number on it, and put it in a box.
  • Have a couple of volunteers to wipe down taps, tables, toilet seats, door handles, etc. at the end of the service.
  • Music team and Audio/Visual operators: Disinfect/wipe down with disinfectant wipes piano, microphones, keyboard, table top, any other surfaces you use.
  • Stay home if you are at all unwell.
  • No sharing of food, crockery.
  • For offering: Preferably, continue to give online. However, we will have bowls available for cash gifts.
  • For Communion 6 December: We will set up with appropriate Covid-19 care and have separate stations for participation. But if you are concerned about infection, bring your own elements.

CHANGE OF PARKING REGULATIONS:  From 1 December, the Clearway on Whitehorse Road will become a tow-away zone. Drivers parked weekdays 7-9am (on the south side of Whitehorse Road), and 4.30-6.30 (on the north side of Whitehorse Road) will receive not only a fine, but a vehicle release fine – which is expensive.