Weekly News 20 November 2020

Sunday 22 November:

Preacher:  Jun Tan Luke 16:1-13   “How to invest your one and only life?”

We must invest our lives in a Kingdom way, showing the image of a generous God, and making friends for the sake of the Gospel as a faithful bearer of a generous God

During the week:  All groups continue to meet online.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

MEETING AT THE CHURCH: The music team will work from the church again this week. By December we hope some members of the congregation can meet in the church. Details to come soon.

THANK YOU: We have received an anonymous donation of $1500 for the installation of the new stoves, and are grateful to the person who gave this gift. The stoves will be available in December. If anyone else would like to help cover part of the cost of purchasing them ($5487) it would be good.

Accounting team have prepared the figures for October, and the amount received was $478 above expenditure. This includes a job-keeper payment, which balances out the losses we have faced with the loss of income from rental of rooms in the church. The total gain from July to October is $8,364, and we give thanks to you, and to God.

SMALL GROUPS: Do you want to join a group for just three weeks? Grace’s groups (1.15pm Tuesday and 10am Wednesday) and Geoff’s group (3pm Thursday) have a 3 week series on “Welcoming Strangers”, including looking at the situation of refugees to Australia.

SBI: The SBI group who meet in the church on Sunday afternoon will resume meeting in the church soon. They have also announced that they have appointed a new pastor, Rev Ignatius Bagoes Seta.

TABLE TENNIS:  It was good to hear the table tennis bats moving again on Wednesday evening! Please pray for Yang and his assistant Tim as they re-start this ministry of the church, and for the young people who attend.  We would like to see more people involved.

If you know some young people who would like to learn Table Tennis, contact Yang.

CHANGE OF PARKING REGULATIONS:  From 1 December, the Clearway on Whitehorse Road will become a tow-away zone. Drivers parked weekdays 7-9am (on the south side of Whitehorse Road), and 4.30-6.30 (on the north side of Whitehorse Road) will receive not only a fine, but a vehicle release fine – which is expensive.