Weekly News 13 November 2020

Sunday 15 November:

Preacher:  Jun Tan Luke 15:11-32   “Measuring your worth in God’s eye?”

I must find my worth in Jesus, who loves me and lives in me. I must recognize the worth of others in God’s eyes, and my own redemptive value in Christ in my dealings with others.

  • 11:25AM Table Talk: We will continue our discussion on Freedom in Christ.  Last time we looked at what we are freed from.  This time we will look at what we are freed for.

During the week:  All groups continue to meet online.

Thursday 19: Deacons’ Meeting.

Care groups:   https://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

MEETING AT THE CHURCH: The music team will work from the church this week. By December we hope some members of the congregation can meet in the church. Details to come soon.

A WIDER CHURCH THAN WE CAN SEE: We tend to count attendances by the people we can see – but it is many more than that! The Sermon is translated into Chinese (by Jun if he is preaching, or by the translation team when it is a non-Chinese speaking preacher). It is put online by Saturday.

  • A well-known audience: Many Chinese people who attend our Sunday morning service listen to the sermon in Chinese Saturday night or Sunday morning. This helps them to understand better the English when it is preached on Sunday.
  • A wider audience: 50+ peoplelisten to the Chinese sermon each week – we don’t know who they all are, but it is clearly wider than just those who also attend our Sunday services. It could well include quite a few who have very little knowledge of English.
  • An unknown audience: Some people who hear the sermon are not includedin the 50+ number.  The extras are those who listen in from their “home” country.

Some are people who have been in Australia previously – and the others we don’t know, nor do we know how many. They may be friends of people living in Australia, or friends of people who have previously lived here. Their ‘hits’ on the website are not included in the 50+ figure.

It takes some effort for these people to hear the broadcast. However, if they try a few times, they are often able to hear it.

So, when you pray for the BBC congregation, there are a lot more people than we see on Sundays.