Weekly News 9 October 2020

Sunday 11 October:

Preacher:  Jun Tan Matthew 13:1-12, 25:24-30  Accountable to Christ

What does Jesus mean when he teaches that those who have will have more so that they will have an abundance, and those who have nothing will lose even that.

  • Kids Talk, show & tell – please bring a piece of your clothing or a pair of shoes you’ve worn when you were little and tell us about it.

During the week:  All groups have now resumed online after the school holidays.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

Please pray:  

  1. City Council Elections. Please pray for God’s leading as you vote by 23 October.
  2. Childrenreturn to school again. For some (including many parents!), this will be a great celebration. For others, it will be daunting. Pray for the children in our church.
  3. Church Meetingon 18 October.


REPORTS (A pdf copy attached. If there are a few people who cannot read the attachment, let gracemunro8@gmail.com know and I’ll try to get a hard copy to you.)

One contributor wrote, We “realized that the epidemic has given every family more time together, and all family members… were given more opportunities to witness and experience how to trust God and have patience in Him during times of difficulty. Finally, we understand that the epidemic is God’s calling.” This came from a group which has been unable to meet online, and yet they have been able to build relationships and draw closer to one another. God has worked miracles among us.

Pastor Jun affirmed what he wrote about a year ago in the 2019 Annual Report and said of this year, “God has been causing us to take root downward and bear fruit upward. I am glad to report, as your senior pastor, that you have responded exceptionally well to God’s will for us. You are taking root and bearing fruit. Well done, church!”

Other quotes: “Church culture is more important than Church vision.” “I am ever grateful to God for everything I have in my life, for his constant love and teaching us to love and support each other, which enables us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Please make sure you read the reports – it is inspiring to see what God has done among us.

NOMINATION of Deacons, Treasurer, Chairperson and Secretary:  LAST OPPORTUNITY. A nomination form is attached. If you believe good leadership of the church is important, please pray, and get your nomination papers signed and sent back to Bert Zerbst by Sunday 11 October. Two members need to nominate any person, and the nominee also needs to sign the form.  We will vote on these appointments at the Church Meeting on 18 October.