Weekly News 2 October 2020

Sunday 4 October:

Preacher:  Kate Pocklington 1 John 3:1, Hosea 11:1-4, Luke 22:42-43 The Father-heart of God.

As people being “healed by his wounds”, one of the wonderful gifts we receive because of the death of our Jesus Christ is a reconciled, deep and intimate relationship with God our Father.

During the week:

  • Conversational English, Shalom and Mustard Seed resume this Friday evening.
  • Seekers Care Group has divided into two, Tuesday 12.30-2pm and Wednesday 10am. New people are welcome. If you would like to join a Care Group, contact gracemunro8@gmail.com, 0425 707 386.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

SMALL GROUP:  Today we highlight Mustard Seed. Mustard group is a Friday evening Mandarin Bible Study group formed many years ago. It meets every Friday evening during school terms from 7:45pm to 9:15pm, following Conversational English. People in the group need to participate in the online Chronological One Year Bible reading plan. Questions related with their reading can be posted online and are answered by Jun during the meeting. Opportunities are given to each participant to share their highlights of the week’s reading. The main part of the meeting is a discussion about the probing questions posted by Jun during the week, prompting participants to reflect on what God is saying in the scriptures, what God is saying to us, and what God is saying to me.

Currently there are about 20 participants, including some living in Sydney, China and Japan. We allow silent participants who login and listen, and remain silent every time. Participants are encouraged to share their recent stories of challenge, success or failure relating to their reading of the week. We pray for each other and for the guidance of Holy Spirit for our daily life. The focus of the group is on life being transformed by God’s word rather than information about God.


  • SUNDAY IS THE TIME FOR REPORTS. Send to Grace Munro, balwynbaptistchurch@gmail.com.
  • Nomination of Deacons, Treasurer, Chairperson and Secretary: A nomination form is attached – please read it, and be the personwho nominates someone. Deacons who have been serving for a while need your affirmation as they consider another term of service.

Two members need to nominate any person, and the nominee also needs to sign the form.  We need to submit the forms by 11 October, and will vote on these appointments at the Church Meeting on 18 October.