Weekly News 18 September 2020

Sunday 20 September:

Preacher:  Jun Tan       Matthew 6:25-34 “Stop worrying and start living”

Jesus tells us why we worry, why we shouldn’t, and how. Faith in Christ helps us stop managing what lies in God’s control and start taking care of what lies in ours.

  • 11:20am TABLE TALK: On Sunday we will hold our next Table Talk.  Following a 5 minute break after the service, we aim to begin at 11:20 am and conclude by 12:35pm.  The topic is:  Passing on Faith. We will watch a short video clip and  discuss what it means to pass faith on by looking at:
  1. the things that inspired or challenged you;
  2. the insights or new perspectives gained; and
  3. what we – individually and together – can do differently to be more effective in passing on our faith.

During the week:

  • Conversational English, Shalom and Mustard Seed are taking 3 weeks off for school holidays. Some other care groups are taking 1 week off, others are continuing on. Contact the leader.
  • If you would like to join a Care Group, contact gracemunro8@gmail.com, 0425 707 386.

 Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


  • Time for reports:  Leaders of all groups, don’t forget we need your reports in by 5 October.
  • Nomination of Deacons, Treasurer, Chairperson and Secretary: A nomination form is attached – please read it, and be the person who nominates someone.

Deacons who have been serving for a while need your affirmation as they consider another term of service.

Two members need to nominate any person, and the nominee also needs to sign the form.  We need to submit the forms by 11 October, and will vote on these appointments at the Church Meeting on 18 October.