Weekly News 21 August 2020

Sunday 23 August:

Preacher: Grace Munro        Psalm 126.                   “God in the Old Testament”

The long story of the Old Testament teaches us that God always loves us, and offers us restoration – it is up to us to respond positively to him.

During the week:

  • Normal activities: The usual Bible Studies and Care Groups will continue to meet online. If you would like to join a group, contact gracemunro8@gmail.com, 0425 707 386.
  • We have several groups happening now. It is great that they are all slightly different:
  1. one with a focus on prayer,
  2. another on Bible Reading,
  3. another has a regular “tea and coffee” and offers encouragement to others,
  4. Bible Studies,
  5. one offers support for those whose husbands are in China.

In the next few “In the Family” issues we want to highlight these.

Care groups:      http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


We would like to see some more people who are willing to take part in the STORY-TELLING part of our Sunday services. If you would like to participate, please contact Jun Tan.

  • BRIAN HILTON has helped us with tutoring at Conversational English for at least 6 years but he is now going overseas. We give thanks for his service – he is a great English teacher and inspires attendees to follow Christ.
  • FINANCIAL reports indicate that we are doing reasonably well. Offerings were down $1563 on budget in July, and we have had extra expenditure on maintenance/purchases, so overall we are $2,755 below budget expectations. Gifts toward the purchase of the stoves for the kitchen and other special items would be welcome.
  • We have several OUTSIDE GROUPS who use our building regularly, but of course they have not been able to meet since March. Three groups (Probus, Wise Women Workouts and SBI) have all maintained some giving over the past few months, honouring the agreements we made at the beginning of the year.

Last night at the Deacons’ meeting we decided it is unfair for them to continue to pay large amounts for a service they can’t use at present. So we decided to ask that they pay 1/10th of their normal payments. This will mean a loss of funds for us as a Church, but we feel it is only fair to do this for them.