Weekly News 14 August 2020

Sunday 16 August:

Preacher: Jun Tan        Matthew 22:34-40. “Created to Connect”

Children: Pastor Jun will talk about LEGO in the Kids’ time. If you have LEGO, we would love to see your work during the Kids’ time.

The Great Commandment reveals a great truth that we are created to connect with God, with others and with ourselves. But without Christ in the centre of our life all relationships will keep falling apart, just like LEGO keeps falling apart without its central tube.

TABLETALK: After the morning service, we will chat about “Sharing our Faith”

During the week:

  • Normal activities: The usual Bible Studies and Care Groups will continue to meet online. If you would like to join a group, contact gracemunro8@gmail.com, 0425 707 386.

Care groups:   http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/

Prayer: Let us all join in prayer that the infection rates of Covid-19 will reduce quickly; pray for those seriously impacted by loss of work and economic difficulties.  Pray also for the families who are doing home-schooling, with the uncertainties of this school year.


A couple of new groups have begun recently, and I want to highlight them in the next few weeks.

The most recent is that Geoff is beginning a new group on Thursday, 3-4.30pm, online, weekly.

Those who were in his previous group will be part of it, and several others have already indicated their interest.  If you are interested, please contact Geoff, Jun or Grace.

It will be a mixed gender, mixed racial group. They will be studying the same material which is being studied by the Wednesday morning Seekers’ group, so at present it will be in Joshua – a fascinating book to study.

Small Care Groups are a great way to enhance your knowledge of the Bible, but they also give us a good opportunity to learn a little more about each other.

Our Pastor: Jun Tan, jun.tan.balwynbaptist@gmail.com, 0413 015 709, working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Sunday.