Weekly News 24 July 2020

Sunday 26 July:

Preacher: Janet Washington  Mark 5:21-36        “Reaching out in Faith”

We need to reach out in faith to God for healing, for cleansing, claim his promises and encourage each other.

During the week:            

Prayer and Praise: Please pray about the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic globally, and also that the Victorian leadership and people will be able to control the number of infections.  In particular, pray for the Aged Care homes where there are infections among very vulnerable people

Finances and maintenance

Having reached the end of the Financial Year, we are thankful that income outstripped expenditure by $43,406. A special gift of $30,000 from one member was extremely helpful, and a practical gift from another member saved us $787. We also received a payment of $8,595 from the tax office.

Wages for the year were higher than anticipated in the budget as we increased Jun Tan’s payment from 4 days to 5 days a week. General repairs/ Maintenance was $13,583 above budget expectations as we replaced the floor of the children’s room. However we saved $7,710 under Equipment purchase and $2,455 under Manse Maintenance. The net impact of these three accounts was $3,415 over budget.  $1715 was forwarded to Global Interaction for our May Appeal.

Further maintenance and equipment purchase expenses are continuing during July. New stoves  have been purchased at a cost of $5,487.  Repairs to the roof and downpipes are also being undertaken by Reza Esrafilian Soltani, and we thank him for that. If anyone would like to make a donation towards these expenses, that would be welcome.

Thank you to all who have continued to contribute by giving online during these times.

Our Pastor: Jun Tan, jun.tan.balwynbaptist@gmail.com0413 015 709, working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Sunday.