Weekly News 3 July2020

Sunday 5 July: 10am ONLINE SERVICE: Click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/480278172      

Preacher: Ps Jun Tan.     Ephesians 3:14-21. “Healing – A Community Project”

God’s healing takes place within the community of God’s people. How do we best take advantage of the resources available through Balwyn Baptist Church? (Handout attached)

During the week:            

·         Pastor Jun will be taking leave from 10 July to 10 August and we trust he and Xu Ping have a refreshing time.

Care groups:      http://balwynbaptist.org.au/ministries/care-groups/


1.       Table Talk: Last Sunday after our morning service we met for Table Talk, with Janet leading us on the topic, “What obstacles stop us from talking about family life together at Church?”

Various comments were made, and this gives a short summary:

·         Meeting in Small Groups or doing activities together (e.g. sport) allows people to know each other better and allows greater freedom to share.  In a large group, there is uncertainty regarding trust. There is uncertainty about whether some people will misinterpret what has been said, or maybe share with others out of context.

·         Different personalities, family backgrounds, culture, knowledge of language and past hurts may influence whether we feel free to share about personal or family issues, especially the more negative experiences.

·         In Christ, we have a sense of security in him, and this can enable us to share without the fear of being hurt.  We also recognise that we are all human and all have struggles, and that what we share can be helpful to others as well.

·         There is a need to respect everyone’s situation and life-stage.

·         It is helpful to share good news, e.g. how God has helped us and what he has been doing in our lives and in family life.

2.       Who to contact: During Jun’s absence, please contact the deacons if you have any questions and we will do our best to help:  Bert Zerbst (Secretary), Wei Li (Treasurer), Janet Washington, Julie Zhu, Jin Zhou, Geoff Ryall, Grace Munro.